These are the screws we used.

They are construction screws with a star shape at the end. The star shape gives the screw added torque for easy driving. (It’s easier for the screwdriver to grip.)

Now for the legs. I saved some banister rails when we tore down our hand railing in the basement. I knew they would be useful for something one of these days. They ended up being the perfect height for the table. (You can also buy these at a home improvement store or just use 2 x 2 wood cut to your desired height.)

We turned the table right side up and drilled pilot holes and then sunk the screws into the wood which is when you take a larger screw bit and drive down just a tiny bit over the pilot hole. This is to sink the screw head which means when the screw is driven into the wood it will sink down beneath the surface of the wood allowing you room to use wood filler. You don’t want you screws sticking out above the wood it just doesn’t look nice. (depending on the size of the screws depends on what size drill bits you will use to make your pilot holes and to sink the screw. They have charts on the world wide web for the size screw you are using if you can’t figure it out.) put the screws into those holes were the center of the legs would be.

Drill pilot hole…………………Use bigger drill bit to allow for screw………………Sink screw