Tiny House Loft with Bedroom, Guest Bed, Storage and Shelving


I think what I like most in this area of loft in the small house is that it is so simple and that it feels not cluttered or complicated - but it does so much!

It is a sofa. A scale. A display shelving wall. It's a real bed. And a bedroom encloure. It is also a queen bed. And a dresser. And a shoe storage system. He has hidden storage. And of course, it's a loft.
We put a ton of thought into each plate in this loft bed system - have you noticed the wall framing to become shelf? Only the bed support system is a dresser? That the attic floor is only 1-1/2 "thick where you need free space? It's a small house - you are not wasting space or materials (which absorb weight space and cost).


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